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It’s like David Bowie once said, “We can be something for a while”, or something like that.

I’ll be honest, this week was a tough one for me, mostly because I like to make things hard for myself.  One huge glimmer came today, when I got an e-mail from an Alejandra Leibovich.  She e-mailed in response to a form of her I filled out requesting help spreading my portfolio.  Her response was great, but the best part was this line (or part of a line, or several lines, depending on your monitor display): “I’ve seen your site recently. Someone posted your link in twitter I think.”.

Ok, it’s awesome that she likes my site.  She wants to do a follow up call, which excites me very much.  However, it is so much more awesome that someone posted my link on Twitter.  I think.

From the get go, I knew this blog was a good idea, and I’m glad I “have” to do it for “school”, because I like having scapegoats for things, and if I need to curse someone, there’s always my instructor, Cyndi Coon.  This blog will help me get seen, and maybe some distant person on some distant day will like what I do.  Hey, anything’s possible, right?

And I, I will be king.