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Ceramics again

A couple things happened today.  One, I remembered to bring my camera, and two, I realized I haven’t shown you any new ceramics since before the sale happened.  Those were the only two things that happened today.  Have a good night.



Kidding.  More than that happened.  Here are some things on my shelf:

This is that same red glaze I’ve used so many times before.  I think it’s been watered down a lot.  I don’t know what to think, actually.  I like what came out, but I have no idea how it happened.  Oh well.

This one is the Blue Green Black with a band of white slip under it.  Interesting?

Same Blue Green Black on a different clay body, I think that’s white liner on the inside.

Blue Green Black bowl with a squirt of white liner that looks like a mermaid tail.

I’ve taken a picture of this one before, but it had a goober in it, and I dremmeled that out, so now there is a gross spot down there that I may be able to refire, I forgot to ask my teacher today.

And here are a couple of forms ready for glazing:

I may wood fire these, I’m not certain.

I like how my painting is coming, but I think it looks about the same as it did on Monday.

The whites are a little hot in spots, I’ll try and tone them down a bit when I get back.

When I was walking past it, I thought it looked really neat from that vantage point, all lifelike and whatnot.  See?

Anyway, have a good Thanksgiving everyone, woo!


It’s a big country

It’s a bit of a joke that my taste buds don’t exactly work right anymore.  This is probably because I dump massive amounts of black pepper on most things I eat.  Most of the times when I go to restaurants, I unscrew the lid to the pepper shaker and pour about 1/4th of it’s contents out onto my food.  I don’t know how accurate that really is though.  I know I have bad taste, but I think most, if not all of the odd tastes I have are merely personal and not surgically altered.  I mean, I liked Adam Sandler movies more BEFORE I had surgery.  I also remember a time when I thought pizza bagels were an ok thing to eat, and I’m not about to blame modern medicine for that one.  At any rate, I went all of Thanksgiving without adding the slightest amount of pepper to anything, I think that’s a pretty good sign.

Speaking of modern medicine, last Sunday I woke up sick.  I was sick feeling for about a third of a day, and had almost filed away my illness until I noticed I had a rash covering my body.  It started Sunday night, and by Tuesday morning it had advanced as far as it was going to.  Monday was an incredibly itchy day.  I’m pretty sure I scratched my belly for a couple of hours in my sleep, but try it before you knock it, ok judge?  Monday night I dreamt that the rash on my sides had turned into a passageway into my trunk somehow, and when I breathed I had to cover the holes so I could get some suction.  I’m pretty sure that’s not a good sign.  However, being lazy and busy with school, I didn’t have time to get to a doctor until my mom made me go on Black Friday.  If you didn’t get the chance, you should go to an Emergency Clinic near you next year, they have some amazing deals!  The guy I saw looked at my rash, and couldn’t tell what it was.  I had personally been through enough med school to come to that conclusion on my own, but I still am not supposed to write my own prescriptions.  It probably isn’t strep throat, but it might be anyway.  Oh, it also might be Scarlet Fever!

PS. I’ve lost all respect for Scarlet Fever.  I thought Scarlet Fever was a serious affair that killed people.  I think I got it confuted long ago with Poe’s short story.