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We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.

We have to write a blog post about seasons.  I believe someone asked if the post could be a song lyric.  Yes, yes the post can be a song lyric.  Why you think a song lyric would bring traffic to your blog is another thing, I suppose.

It is a simple assignment, to write something that stems from the word “seasons”.  That’s it.  Can it be a recipe?  Absolutely.  Can it be about fall fashion?  Boy howdy.  Can it be about winter?  Winter is a season, right?  It can be about anything!  Stop asking questions!  Write about Jello.  Jello is pretty much like seasons.

Sometimes I think people should stop asking so many questions, and start trying to answer some.  “What am I doing?” and  “Why am I doing it?” are some pretty good ones.

Also, I took a picture of leaves changing color, but my data cable doesn’t seem to be working.