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Void (self-reflection self-reflection)

Our recent assignment was to create a painting that dealt in some way with a word we pulled from a hat that turned out to be a cup.  The assignment was vague, since any one aspect of the painting could reflect the chosen word.  My chosen word was “Void”.  I admit having decided to do a self-portrait before I saw my word, so it was fun to then apply my word to my chosen subject, which was of course me.  I decided to paint a self-portrait before I chose my word, and the two don’t connect at first.  Void, Portrait?  However, the empty expression I gave myself makes me think that nothing is going on in my big empty head.  Also, I didn’t put in a background, like I was trapped in Purgatory or something.

All in all, I am not entirely satisfied with my painting.  There are some simple proportion problems that occurred early in the process.  I chose to paint from life basically to prove my teacher wrong.  He stated something along the lines of his own disbelief that we could make a successful painting from life.  I don’t remember his exact words because I don’t listen very well.   Anyway, he may have been right, because working from life is difficult.  I didn’t nail down how I look into my mirror early in the process, so I was brought down by my own ambiguities.  I would have liked more time to develop my underpainting before proceeding.

Working from life is very different from working from a photo.  I knew this already, I’m just saying it again.  I like to think my approach towards this painting was flexible enough to deal with the small shifts that would occur in the mirror before me, but I would like to further experiment with painting from life.