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Don’t fear the reaper.

This semester is coming to a close for me.  A sweet, merciful close.  The Fall ’10 chips have fallen, and I don’t know where they landed yet, but that’s ok, I’ll find out soon enough.  Take it away, Me As A Predator!

Self-Portrait as The Predator



Letter to the Predator

Today was drawing day.  It’s not over yet, I have some things left to do!  But I figured this was a good time for a break, and a prime posting time for my demographic.  So heck, here’s what I did today so far:

Letter to the Predator

We’ll start things off with an assignment for Life Drawing.  We’re supposed to draw ourselves as an animal, which is a silly assignment, so I’m doing me as the Predator.  Take that!


Here’s a drawing I’m doing for my Drawing class, home assignment.  It is three drawings, which include this one, and two more which I will show momentarily, unless you are a slow reader.




Which isn’t anywhere near done yet, but I like how it looks like it was done by a crazy person.

Finally, my in class assignment for Drawing, this one:

Bones to fish

I don’t get it either, so don’t ask me.