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Jumping Jigawatts!

It worked.  I got four times the amount of my normal views when I linked Lady Gaga.  Of course, that was merely a one time only thing.   I would not want to be seen as a fellow who links to famous artists in a cheap attempt to increase my own viewing numbers like some sort of Lady Gaga remora.  A Gamora, if you will.

This week was an eventful one.  Yesterday, I went to hear visiting artist David Kassan talk about how awesome the iPad ArtRage is (he was using the program Brushes in the video), and he made a darn good argument.  Today, I went to a show of some of the faculty, and it was interesting to see/hear about their work and what they do when they aren’t telling me what to do.

I’m getting slightly better at throwing, and hope to be able to experiment with glazes soon.

I like the acorn one on the left, and the Duff bottle second from the right.

I also almost finished this drawing:

Onion Planet

I think I finished it anyway, maybe I didn’t.

Wow, so much going on, I hope I remembered it all.  Jumping Jigawatts!


Lady Gaga

This post isn’t actually about Lady Gaga.  I’m not too sure what a lady gaga is.  I just realized that my posts need links to things so that people click on them and maybe see them.

Yesterday I threw some awesome pots!  I’m pretty sure they didn’t meet the requirements for the assignment, but hey, something beats nothing most times.

In life drawing today, we skipped gesture drawings.  I’m not really ok with that, because gestures are my favorite part, but I suppose majority rules.  I am pretty impressed with the drawing I started on Monday, mostly because after Monday’s class it looked terrible, and now it doesn’t look that bad at all.  I saved her.  I lowered her shoulders a bit and pumped some air into her hands and added a whole lot more dark in the drawing, so it kind of works now.  Part of me wants to spend a few more hours on this, but I like the raw look it has now.  What do you think?

Ballad of the Broken-Nosed Woman