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Why don’t you stay?

That part of the song doesn’t really apply here.  Oh well.  I can’t sleep because I’m excited for a job interview I’m having tomorrow (later today, I suppose), so I may as well update this guy.

I’ve been relatively busy recently, a real good amount of busy for me.  Learning more about exercise and nutrition and juicing and ceramics and meditation, and then ruminating on how all those things are related.  They’re pretty much the same thing, if you want to look at it that way.

About a week ago I tried a new experiment.  I made a juice and then blended it with a scoop of protein powder.  I don’t really know what I was thinking, but it turned out… finishable.  It was green with lovely darker green striations.  The best way I can describe the flowing colors is basically like a green Guinness, which I know doesn’t sound that great.


Of course, the picture doesn’t show the dancing colors inside my blender, which is most unfortunate since that is far and away the best quality of this juice.  It didn’t taste that great.  It was one bunch of parsley, one bunch of celery, one bunch of kale, one Granny Smith apple, one cucumber, one jalapeno, and one carrot.  Oh, and one scoop of chocolate protein powder.  It’s a whey protein, but it’s in the other room and I forgot what brand it is.  I’m not looking now.  The yield of the juice was much too large.  I’m thinking I could have done with half a bunch of celery and half a bunch of kale and maybe no cucumber.  Those changes would have drastically reduced the volume.

Since last Monday was a holiday, the pieces I threw on the first day of class were probably way way way too dry to trim, but of course, I tried to trim them anyway.


This one is a weird little egg cup, about the size of a raptor egg.


This is a pretty decent bowl.  It seems to have warped a little while drying.  C’est le vie.


I like this one.  I had to gouge out the bottom of it, so the bottom is real ugly, and the rim is unfinished so it probably won’t be any good for drinking, but it has a nice shape I think.  I also like that scratch on the left of it there, it adds character.  Let’s see if the glaze covers it or emphasizes it.

The pieces from this class… well I wouldn’t say better, but different.


This was a really nice bowl.  I deformed it getting it off the wheel.  I’ll get to see how bad next Monday.  What a treat!


This is a pretty nice one.  My teacher showed me how big the kiln we’re trying to fill is, so I’m trying to throw larger.  Throwing larger incorporates more muscles, so it’s hard for me, and therefore probably better for me.  Price of clay is a limiting factor, but that’s metaphorically a small price to pay for nice pieces.


This one I really have no idea.  Maybe a candlestick holder?  Or a hookah base?  A good example of how throwing larger can get away from me.

When I say throwing ‘large’, I really only mean longer than my hand.  Some day soon, throwing large will be more like longer than my arm.

Anyway, Mesa Arts Center is a beautiful facility.  I am excited to be a part of the studio, and I am excited to learn more about glazing and firing (and throwing, and who knows what else).  Hopefully my pieces will be less dry come Monday, and if they’re still too dry, I’m sure I’ll figure something out.  I am sort of bummed about the limited time I can actually be in the studio, but I guess that’s a good thing to be bummed about.  My friend suggested I launch an Etsy page to sell my ware, and that may be quite a good idea.  I’ll look into it.


It’s gonna move ya!

Did that title make you think of anything?

Today I make a partial juice/partial smoothie.  I have been trying to incorporate more fiber into my diet, and this certainly did that.  For better or worse.


What I did was juice some parsley, ginger, an jalapeno, and part of a Granny Smith apple.  I then took the screen off of my juicer and smothied up the rest of that apple, another apple (Also a Granny Smith, I just like their tartness.  I’m convinced the Red Delicious marks the birth of false advertisement.), a grapefruit, some frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, and frozen blackberries. I blended the whole thing up, and got what you see above.  It was rather thick, so I added some pineapple juice, thinking it would thin things a bit.  It didn’t.  The result was almost exactly what you see above.  Eh, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, so I called it quits and poured the stuff into my tummy.  The jalapeno really spiced things up, and it was still pretty parsley-ey, but not bad.  I like parsley juice anyway.

I finally made it to the library.  I am proud to say that I can almost take the stairs to the top without losing my breath, and I try not to think about what that says about my cardio skills.  I remember running the mile in middle school.  I would almost kill myself (or so it felt, of course), and be very proud with a time of fifteen minutes.  It wasn’t until much later that I realized that that’s about walking speed.  What a fat little kid I was.

I got some books and sat down next to a girl studying for her GRE.  I told her that was almost my name.  She appeared pretty unimpressed, but I imagine deep down she was yearning for more.  I noticed she was reviewing quadrilaterals, so I said “I notice you’re reviewing quadrilaterals.  I love quadrilaterals.  They’re unparallelogramed!”  Of course, that isn’t even true.  Sometimes quadrilaterals ARE parallelograms, everyone knows that.  STUPID!  Then it happened.  She had to go to the bathroom and she asked me to watch her stuff!  I was in.

Unfortunately I had to leave just when things were getting good with GRE Girl.  I had to be back home for my TRX class this evening.  Due to one thing or another, I hadn’t taken the class for two whole weeks.  I get out of shape fast.  Today we had a newcomer, so I’m hoping my teacher ran us into the ground on purpose, but man, it was brutal.  I definitely have to get to eating better, or at least more, because I can feel when I’m just out of energy.

The Whole Shebang

Last night I had a dream that I got an interview.  I don’t usually remember my dreams unless they’re bad, and not really even then.  I just have more of an intense uneasy feeling.  So, this was a very welcomed change.  I felt a bit more upbeat today, but I still haven’t made it to the library.  I know this is just a scapegoat, but the light rail in August is a bit daunting.  Actually, the light rail itself isn’t intimidating, it’s more just the act of waiting for the light rail.

Due to misinformation, my teacher and I didn’t meet up to do TRX last night, which was a bit of a bummer, but what can you do?  I still had my after exercise Chipotle, so I was pretty happy.  To make up for it, she offered to give me a Pilates class today.  Pilates was interesting.  It focused more on how my body works with its muscles; rather than focusing on making my muscles bigger.  So it wasn’t “hard”, like I think when I think of what exercise is.  My instructor listed many benefits of Pilates, and several of them seemed to line up with specific problems I’ve had since my surgery, which was exciting.

Before my class, I made my juice.  I realize that having several pictures of slightly different colors of green in a cup is not going to excite many people for long.  So today, I tried to take extra pictures.

I went with the Green Star Twin GS-1000.  It is a masticating juicer, which basically means the vegetable matter is forced between two worm gears.  The matter is then turned to a pulp, which is forced past a screen, which causes the juice to ooze out.  From what I understand, masticating juicers have the slowest moving parts, and therefore minimize heating/oxidizing the juice.


Today’s juice was a downright sippable combination of fiery jalapenos, cucumbers that were each as cool as a cucumber, and salty celery.  The jalapenos I buy from Whole Foods are initially green and smooth.  As they age, they get wrinkly and slowly change to red.  They struck me as pretty.  Aren’t they pretty?


The resulting mulch is much less pretty.  Although this has had juice removed, it still is pretty wet, and I imagine it could go through the juicer again if I were so inclined, but I tried that with some carrot pulp once, and quickly saw it was more trouble than it was worth.  I have a few bushes outside I pour this stuff on, which really reduces waste.  It makes for some nice sized bushes; I’m thinking of growing an herb or two, especially considering that a basil plant costs about as much as a small sprig of basil at a grocery store.  Ooh, maybe some dandelions!  I hear they are great for detoxing.


Here she is, the celery/cucumber/jalapeno juice.  The taste reminded me of a spicy gazpacho, which makes a lot of sense, considering that celery/cucumber/jalapeno are common ingredients of gazpacho.  If I threw some tomatoes and some onion and some cilantro in there, bingo-bango!  Something to play with, I imagine, when it gets a bit cooler in my kitchen.

Tonight I’m going to some friends’ house to learn how to play Risk.  I’m excited to learn how to play Risk, because then I can play Risk.


Try just once.

Hmm, now I’m thinking that isn’t the best title, but now it’s a permalink, and I don’t really want to go through the trouble of changing it.  It’s from a Donovan song Codine.  Ok yeah.  After investigating it a bit, I realized it is definitely not a good name for this blog post.  I was kind of going for the next part of the lyric “And you’ll try it again.”  Of course, the ‘it’ in this sense is codine, and I promise I haven’t gotten into that.  I’m still not changing the title though, I guess we’ll just have to get used to it.

Since I haven’t juiced since Monday, I made TWO juices for today.  Well, the actual reason is I have a lot of produce that’s going to go bad in my fridge, and I’d like for that to not happen.

Today I made some bok choy and ginger juice.  The ginger juice is to take the edge off, because I’m pretty sure bok choy isn’t that great.  I was surprised though.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t that terrible tasting.  It smelled awful though.  Most things that smell bad taste bad, but I don’t know if it was all the ginger or what, but this didn’t even make me gag.


The second juice I’ve made so far today was good old kale juice.  Dino Kale.  If you are interested in learning more about Dino Kale, that link above will take you to an almost entirely worthless site that will most likely teach you nothing.


It was a significantly darker green than the bok choy juice, and since I felt cocky and didn’t cut it with anything, it was much harder to stomach, more bitter.  It turned my tongue green too, which is always neat when that happens.

I didn’t make it to the library today, I’ll set my sights on tomorrow and try again.  I do have my TRX class today though, which is exciting, I do enjoy doing that!  Then I get my post-workout Chipotle, oh boy!

Interesting day

I woke up today not feeling grateful.  I wasn’t feeling bad exactly, but I was definitely not feeling as good as I was yesterday.  I was feeling very The Dark Knight Rises today (I included a link for those of you who have never heard of the Batman), that’s the best way to describe it.  I did lie in bed for a good half hour, and I am grateful that I had that time.  I used it to convince myself that I should just drink some water, and that was probably a good decision.

Once the water started to wake up my insides, I felt more like getting up.  I made some cereal to tide me over as I made juice, which can be quite the process.  After yesterday’s mistake, I did not want to cut my spirulina with mere water.  Rather, I made a tasty breakfast juice, hoping to make something with an overpowering good taste that may neutralize the overpowering bad taste.  What I ended up with was the juice of: 1 grapefruit, 1 orange, a piece of ginger, a chunk (1/8th maybe?) of pineapple, and a carrot just to clean out whatever was still in the machine.  It was a pretty homogenous warm orange color, which surprised me not at all.  Then I added the puree of two bananas, some blueberries, some blackberries, and some raspberries.  When that was blended up I got a tasty deep red color that I assumed would stay that way.  However, the puree also made it rather thick, so when I drank it, my mustache acted as my own baleen.

This was a conundrum.  I had for myself two paths.  I could ignore my mustache and drink my juice over the sink (to anticipate spills), or I could trim the thing.  Those of you who know me know that my hair grows pretty fast, and I have noticed that with this diet it seems to be on overdrive, so I am not too concerned with having to do that.  What does concern me is that naturally growing hair tapers to a point, which is a bit counter-intuitively NOT as sharp as when it is cut into a weird mesaesque trapezoidal shape.  Now I’ll have a mustache poking my bottom lip for a few days.  Ugh.  On the upside, I can now swig.

Back to my juice, I finally added spirulina.  The color changed, which surprised me considerably more than not at all.

What a pretty color though right?  Impressionistic.  The picture makes it look like some sort of frog skin, but I promise, it isn’t some sort of frog skin.  To my knowledge, no frogs were included in the making of this juice.

People ask me why I add algae to my juices.  Lots of reasons really, but mostly it’s because whenever I eat algae, I can pretend I’m aboard the Battlestar Galactica, and we have just run out of food because those damn Cylons won’t ease up a bit.  Me and Edward James Olmos are kickin’ it, drinking weird future cyber juice.  I say to him “Hey, you know, I’ve read that juice may help with acne scars.”, and he looks down at the floor as if he’s contemplating what he just heard, but he’s probably just tired on account of the Cylons and all.  After what seems like an eternity of awkward silence, I ask “Hey, can I call you Ed?”  He looks up slowly and says in his way that is both quiet and loud: “No”.  After a long time, as I am getting ready to go somewhere else, he adds “Your mustache is way better than mine, by the way.”


I woke up today almost ready to get out of bed, which is pretty unheard of for me.  It was still pretty late in the morning, which I guess explains why I am not healthy wealthy and wise.  I don’t get to sleep early enough, I’m not denying that.  I texted my friend, who was joining me for a gym visit, so I was looking forward to a response from him.  As I was waiting, I mustered up some courage to try something.

You may remember I have been taking spirulina and chlorella.  The chlorella is all smooshed up into a tablet somehow, but the spirulina is straight powder in capsules.  Since I am taking a few at a time, I don’t like the mental image of several capsules just hanging out in my tummy.  So, I decided today to break the capsules, and pour their contents into a glass of water.  Then, I was free to swallow the empty capsules.  Or throw them away, that would make more sense.  I got a pretty green-blue liquid that would feel right at home among my sister’s blue-green decor.  However, I think Chris Elliot said it best when he said “But it don’t taste pretty.  Uh-uh.  Ooh.”


Isn’t that picture adorable though?  I have a darling kitchen.  How awesome would it be if I had this cup?

My friend texted back, telling me he was in California because of X reason that I don’t really understand, but his being in California doesn’t really depend on me understanding or not.

So that was a drag.  I took a bath instead.  It gave me a little thinking time.  Oh right, I was supposed to call the dentist on Monday!  I called them yesterday, which was pretty much Monday, but they had left already, so I needed to try again.  After I got out, I called them and placed an appointment for August 6th, the first business day after my birthday, and I’m getting me a crown!  How cool is that?  Well, I’m getting ANOTHER crown.  My teeth are pretty bad, probably due to me not really having any dental hygiene for a few years after my surgery.  Yeah, it’s definitely because of that.  I don’t know, the dentist gets a bad rap because they are always poking things for no reason, but they usually do have a reason, and you find out what it is real quick when there’s no dentist poking you.

I was so excited about getting an appointment, I decided to brave the bus and go to the gym anyway.  It is a pain, using the bus, but the bus sucks a whole lot less than walking.  Well, most times.  Sometimes walking sucks less than the bus, and when it does, I like to walk.  Before I went to the gym, I made some juice.  Beets, celery, a cucumber, and some ginger.  It was good as is, but I forgot that I have some jalapenos laying around withering, and I needed to not have that, so I juiced some jalapenos.  It was interesting tasting the juice before and after the addition, and perhaps I should do more of that comparing in the future.  It also looked pretty, but tasted quite a bit prettier than the other thing I made.

I am glad I went to the gym.  It gave me more time to think about things.  For instance, it reminded me to check the ONLINE fall schedule for SCC.  They don’t seem to have a ceramics class listed, which is a drag.  I’m interested in making my own glazes, which I only briefly began at ASU.  I would like to make my own ash glazes using the pulps from various fruits/vegetables I juice.  Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.  Not MCC though, because the bus doesn’t even go that far.

Also, if I hadn’t’ve gone to the gym, I wouldn’t have heard some remix of Wonderwall (This one maybe?  I don’t have sound right now)

When I got home, I realized I didn’t have any food, and I craved some Popeye’s, but I went to Sunflower instead.

Man, I’m getting bored even scrolling through this.  It wasn’t a busy day, I swear, I guess I’m just rambling a lot.  I like this chlorella spirulina, by the way.  It’s making my mind spin like Tom’s legs as he starts to chase Jerry.  I bet I’ll take off real good once I get some traction.

Thank you, fan.

My first thought this morning was how good it felt to have a breeze on my back.  I was reminded of the old Irish saying, “May the wind always be at your back, and something something, I bet you wish you had some corned beef right now.”

My apartment is hot.  It’s hotter than I wish it was, but thanks to my good old expensive inefficient window unit and my genuine wood paneled fan, it is only as hot as it is right now.  I appreciate that I never have to know if I’m being over-dramatic or not when I say I’d be dead without my fan.

Today is a pretty good day.  Once I woke up, I took some chlorella and spirulina, and made some juice.  I jokingly call it a converter juice, but I’d like to assure everyone that I don’t wish to convert anyone.  It was carrot, beet, ginger, pineapple, granny smith apple, and orange.  It was delicious, but I’m guessing it had too much sugar.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I return to jalapenos and kale soon enough, or at least try and find a sane compromise.

After I made some juice, I took a bus down to Scottsdale Community College so that I could find out what the course catalogue for the fall is.  A friend of mine asked me why I didn’t just look it up online, and I told her I would rather speak to a person about it.  When I got to SCC and asked, they told me to look online.  It wasn’t an waste though, because while on the SCC campus I saw a couple of owls on a window ledge.  I didn’t know what kind of owls they were, so I did some research here and found out that Thai pages translated to English through Google Chrome are awesome.

No word on the owl, though by my recollection, it is the 16th species of owl.

I went to tell the guy I was walking next to that there was awesome owls right next to us, but he ignored me and kept walking.  Perhaps he had ear buds in, although I never did understand why some people need more noise in their head.  So I didn’t find what I was looking for at SCC, and instead opted to meander around for a while like Billy, and maybe learn some life lessons.

I learned when you do that, you miss the bus home.

I got home tired, and took a nap.  That’s a very convenient place to stop writing, because I am still tired.  Part 2 later???