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Funny, it’s kind of a story…

One of the best things about going to ASU is that sometimes you get free passes to movies that haven’t come out yet.  Yesterday my sister and I went to see It’s Kind of a Funny Story.  It’s art, and this is a review of it.

The movie brings us along with a suicidal young Keanu Reeves as he accidentally commits himself.  During his stay, he gets to know the other zany characters, including Zach Galifianakis as Bobby, the troubled but lovable loser, Cheek Scar, the unfortunate landscaper, and yelling black man, who wasn’t actually crazy, but Hollywood doesn’t know how else to portray black men.

It’s more fun to write reviews of movies I hate, because then I get to say clever things about why I hated it.  I think that’s why critics hate a lot of movies.  Actually though, I enjoyed this movie.  It gave me what I expected from it, which wasn’t much.  There was a comical guy who professionally sees free movies, I think, who was probably crazy himself.  That made my evening all the more enjoyable.  My main gripe about this movie is that while I was self dispensing the fake butter on my popcorn, the button jammed, and far too many empty calories flowed into my bag.  That’s all right though, I put some extra salt in there to help absorb it.

Alright, gotta go, I’m not feeling so well for some reason.