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My belle

*DISCLAIMER* She isn’t really my belle.  She is a belle, and she is able, but she is not MY belle.

This is my first acrylic painting I have done in a while.  I don’t know that I like acrylic, but seeing as how I sleep in the same place I paint, I would rather not breathe in turpentine all day and all night.  I should probably include the source material, huh?

Interesting.  The project seems to have some potential, perhaps I will include more colors in the next one.  For this one I chose orange and blue for a few reasons.  Orange and blue are compliments, my favorite compliments, because orange and blue are me.  Rather, I am orange and blue.



So, since I’ve graduated, I sort of ran out of steam.  Sure, maybe I’m taking a break, since I did have to work pretty hard in November and some of December, but I’m still feeling lazy.  I guess I only sort of learned how to do work I want to do, as opposed to doing work to complete some assignment.  At any rate, I’ve given this a lot of thought.  I watched every “How I Met Your Mother” episode and most of the “My Name Is Earl” episodes on Netflix. I’d rather not calculate how long that takes.  I still don’t know what needs quotes around it and what needs to be underlined, except I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter.

Oh right, my idea.  I present to you the C4 Project.  C4 (or Complimentary* Cartel Customer Caricatures) stands for Complimentary* Cartel Customer Caricatures.  The asterisk serves two functions.  One, it’s an attention grabber, since I personally see unexplained astericees as a red flag that I ask to have explained to me.  It’s a red ice breaker.  It gives me a chance to explain myself to the customer.  Also, it is included because the drawings are not Complimentary, not entirely.  They are free of monetary charge, but we all know there are expenses other than money.

Basically, the grift is you (the royal you, not necessarily you you) pose for a drawing.  You are allowed to take any pose you choose, so if you need to study, your pose can be you studying.  You would probably be holding that pose for a while anyway.  When the drawing is completed, I will photograph the drawing.  I have a book where I’ll ask you to record your name and e-mail address.  Then the drawing is yours to keep, and you can go on your merry way (or continue doing what you were doing, which I suppose is your merry way, isn’t it?).  From there, I will attempt to make a painting based off of the drawing.  If the painting is any good, I will contact you so that you can see the painting.  What comes next is decided between the two of us.  Exciting, isn’t it?

I have started with one already.  The drawing is pretty nice:

And the painting isn’t done, but here it is so far:

Since I am working at home now, I’ll be using acrylic for a while.  I don’t really know how acrylic works, so I think this project will be a good opportunity to learn.

Also, as I was writing this post, a hummingbird flew into my apartment and immediately tried to exit through some glass.  It didn’t work.

It freaked out him (or maybe her, she didn’t look too brightly colored), it freaked out me, and it freaked out my cat buddy that was hanging out with me.


I’m doing drawings of all the barristas at a local coffee shop, and they are putting them up.  Here’s how it looks now.

I’m thinking each barrista can put theirs up as they start their shift and take it down when they leave.  It’s at the Tempe Cartel, if you’re curious.  Confession time, I only did this because I’m terrible with names and it was getting embarrassing.

I also got some more pots glazed.  A lot more than I could carry, which is two.  Here are those two:

No, that bowl is not made out of corduroy.

It looks like I know what I’m doing, huh?

Cowboy in the foreground, goats in the back.



Life Drawing:

Getting a handle on things.

Missing Monday was kind of nice, I guess, except I only really have ceramics and figure painting on Monday, so it doesn’t help that much.  And at first I usually think something like “Oh good, a free day to get some errands run!”, but then I think something like “Wait, every place is closed huh?”  It’s kind of like time out, like purgatory for the student.

In ceramics, I need to work on putting handles on things.  Handles intimidate me, and I don’t particularly like them on the cups I drink from, so that may be influencing my thought process a little there.  However, I used to be intimidated by trimming, and now I’m a trimming fool.  I hardly ever trim right through my pots any more, so that’s nice.  Maybe some day I’ll do a decent handle too.  Here’s what I have so far:

In life drawing on Tuesday, I tried to use some white ink.  It didn’t work very well.  Here’s an example:

The ink was quite thick and should have been watered down, that one was totally my bad.  Also, the white doesn’t show up very well under most lighting conditions, but I still think it would be interesting to get some black and white ink together at last, perhaps with some gray in there.

My other gestures turned out nicely, I seem to have loosened up pretty quickly, and I’m happy with that.

(Very minimal.)

(I don’t know if I see these differently because I drew them, but I think it’s neat that I can omit shapes and my brain figures they’re probably in there and goes right ahead and sees them anyway.)

Then the long pose:

I’d like to think that taking this class and Figure Painting simultaneously will be very beneficial for me.  I already notice drawing more painterly at times, but I think it’s important to squeeze both of those approaches into a work.  I talked with my teacher yesterday about the possibility of having a model pose for Life Drawing, then that same model doing the same pose for Figure Painting.  I think that would be fun.

This one is especially neat to me, so I saved it for last:

What can I say?

Figure Painting:

Day 1/4


Life Drawing:

Good News/Bad News

I’ll do the bad news first of course, then hopefully the good news will make you forget the bad news.  My, I couldn’t help noticing how good you look today.

So the bad news is I’m a lazy forgetful slob.  Just kidding, that isn’t news, although I guess it is the reason for the bad news.  I forgot to take pictures of my cups I’ve been throwing.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that they look pretty much like the ones I’ve been making.  I know, that isn’t very good Good News.  Well, it wasn’t very bad Bad News when you think about it, so we kinda broke even.  Plus, I totally gave you that sweet compliment about you looking splendid, so I’d say you came out of this pretty well.

Anyway, I’m trying to loosen up and make faster, more organic vessels this semester.  I’ve gotten kind of ok at throwing/trimming hard lined forms, but why make things on the wheel that look mass-produced, you know?  So now I’m going back to the homey, almost I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing look.  I also need to practice making/applying handles, because those really should show that you know what you’re doing.  Also, I want to delve more into the crazing world of glazes.  Those things really show you know what you’re doing.

Since I forgot to get those, here’s this:

I think I’ll eventually carve into it and put a candle in it.  Maybe paint it orange and never buy a pumpkin ever again!

As fun as ceramics is, it isn’t a class I need to graduate.  One class I do need is my senior show class.  I decided that for my senior show (Opens October 24th, so clear your calendars now!) I will cover however much space I have with the line drawings I do in life drawing.  It’s a bit rare to put life drawings into a show, but hey, I like them, and I think they look alright, so why not right?  Here are the ones I did on Thursday.  My pen started to dry on me, which gave some nice extra depth for a drawing or two until it actually did dry out and stop making marks.  I should keep a drying one for grays when I need it, or maybe even buy a gray marker.  It’s just that I like black and white so much.  Three Dog Night says it best.

This one is upside-down, but it looks better this way.

I must have changed ink cartridges here, that’s why I did so little…

That’s such a neat little triangle in the middle right there.


And then these are the longer ones:  The model is new, and she didn’t choose very interesting poses, bless her heart, so instead, I drew weird.  You know, more than normal.  Maybe not more, but you know.  You know.

Not so much at first…

Or here…




There we go!

And, since my title reminded me of this for the first time in years, and I love the show Anamaniacs, I’ll leave you with that.