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Guerrilla (PT 1)

In my Art Marketing class, I received an assignment to Market myself in a Guerrilla-like fashion.  I made cookies, decorated to look like my logo.

In progress:

Still Life With Unfinished Cookies and a Kettle

Sample of finished cookies:

These look good enough to eat.

Then I went to my friendly local coffee shop Cartel to hand them out.  Now, I couldn’t just GIVE these away, they were far to beautiful and also tasty.  I mean, I made them, but I could have sworn they were made my a unicorn.  So, I had a small catch.  Each person would have to pose with their cookie.  I think the results show just how excited they were.  Observe!

Each lucky recipient also received a business card of mine, free of charge.  In it was the information to unlock the mystery of where my blog can be found online.  If you didn’t get a cookie, I will be at Casey Moore’s tonight around nine I’d imagine.  Look for me, I’ll be the one wearing a shirt that looks like me.