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Ceramics again

A couple things happened today.  One, I remembered to bring my camera, and two, I realized I haven’t shown you any new ceramics since before the sale happened.  Those were the only two things that happened today.  Have a good night.



Kidding.  More than that happened.  Here are some things on my shelf:

This is that same red glaze I’ve used so many times before.  I think it’s been watered down a lot.  I don’t know what to think, actually.  I like what came out, but I have no idea how it happened.  Oh well.

This one is the Blue Green Black with a band of white slip under it.  Interesting?

Same Blue Green Black on a different clay body, I think that’s white liner on the inside.

Blue Green Black bowl with a squirt of white liner that looks like a mermaid tail.

I’ve taken a picture of this one before, but it had a goober in it, and I dremmeled that out, so now there is a gross spot down there that I may be able to refire, I forgot to ask my teacher today.

And here are a couple of forms ready for glazing:

I may wood fire these, I’m not certain.

I like how my painting is coming, but I think it looks about the same as it did on Monday.

The whites are a little hot in spots, I’ll try and tone them down a bit when I get back.

When I was walking past it, I thought it looked really neat from that vantage point, all lifelike and whatnot.  See?

Anyway, have a good Thanksgiving everyone, woo!


My last post was eight days ago?

My last post was eight days ago.

Sorry fellow followers.  Maybe some drawings will make it better?  By the way, I forgot to take a picture of my painting.  It’s done, I suppose.  I like it.  It’s beautiful, you should see it.

Also, we are having a pottery sale on the 15th and 16th of this month, November.  I will be in the pottery sale.  Well, at the pottery sale, I will not be for sale.  If there is a pot of mine you’ve been eyeing, it may just be at the sale.  If it isn’t, there are plenty of other, more exquisite pots for sale.  Trust me on this.  It’s been advertized in the Republic newspaper, so get there as soon as you can because the good stuff won’t wait forever.

Alright, so here are a bunch of gestures from Tuesday AND Thursday.

And the long pose turned out alright.


My teacher suggested I try to make him feel as heavy as he looks, to make him sink into the paper of my drawing.  So here’s my attempt.


I think it turned out pretty well, he looks heavy, wouldn’t you say?  I also changed his right leg a bit, I simply drew his left leg again from another angle.  He almost fits on the page this way!  But he has two left feet, so all he can do is walk like an Egyptian.

Happy 21st Andy!

My sister’s 21st birthday is tomorrow.  Which is kind of weird, but not too weird because she was born when I was 8, and I’m 29 now.  So in a way, it makes sense.

I haven’t uploaded this thing for a while now.  It’s been nearly an honest week!  I’m not too sure why.  I mean, I am pretty sure why actually, it’s probably because I’m tired and busy and tired.  But, I have some neat stuff to show, so I suppose I should before I graduate, because once I graduate, I’ll probably not have access to stuff for a while.  Since it’s been a while, I have a load of things to show you.  Lucky you!  Boy, I wish I were you right now.

First off, a new drawing.  It’s only from yesterday and tomorrow, so I’m running out of time.

I’d say I don’t like this one, because I don’t, but I remember saying that about other ones I’ve done.  Like, every other one I’ve done.  So I’m going to go ahead and have faith that this one will turn out.  Her torso isn’t that wide, but I doubt this drawing will be about torsos, so that’s ok.

Then my painting.  I forgot to take a picture of it on Monday, so here’s one from before I worked on it today:

Now here it is AFTER I worked on it for a while:

It sure looks funky, eh?  Yeah, I added more blue.  I’d even say it needs MORE blue.  And more yellow perhaps.

I got some stuff from out of the kiln today, some nice stuff too!

This red is nifty.  The whole cup was put in the red glaze, but as you can see, one side stayed that white color.  The other side got enough reduction, I think, and turned red.  Either that, or it’s thicker on that side.  I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.  It depends on the clay body too.  That is B-mix (A-mix is too expensive) (that is a really stupid joke).  On B-mix, the white portion is smooth.  Here is the same glaze on WSO:

It looks similar (especially in these images), but it cracks a lot over WSO, which is a nice effect.  It’s too bad WSO feels so unfun to throw with.  Maybe I’ll get used to it.

This one is on Rod’s Bod.  It’s a goofy name, I know, we discuss it in class.  There is a lot more iron and itty-bitty rocks and what-have-you in the clay body, so I think the iron helps to make the glaze more red or something.  I don’t know, it’s very complicated, ok?  I’m just glad I’m not majoring in this stuff.

But hey, I’m getting more competent in throwing the stuff, that’s step one.



I managed to get a big panel to paint on, but I forgot to prime it.  The results are fun, the paint reacts directly with the wood in weird ways.  We have six or seven days left in this pose, so I looked at the figures for a while, made a few brush strokes on the panel, looked at the panel for a while, then rubbed them out.

Then after class I monkeyed around on it for a while.  I think that since the wood is unprimed, the paint will dry really fast.  If I do a lot of layers like this, I might get something out of it.

In all the hubbub of my show, FLUXUS, I didn’t keep you updated on my ceramic stuff.  I think I showed you this before it was fired:

Anyway, it’s bisqued now.

I found some older stuff I did out on the shelves, among them were these two:

We did a salt fire, which I liked more than I thought I would, because I got some awesome stuff out of it:

I hope we do it again (I’m sure we will), because I got some nice textures out of it, even though I didn’t really plan anything out special.  So, next time Gadget.  Next time!


Where are my manners?


So many bowls!

I know it’s probably too late for target traffic or what have you, but I got some more bowls out of the glaze kiln today, and boy, I got some beauts, I just had to show them off.

Then this next one’s extra awesome, I’ve shown you pictures of it thrown and trimmed.  I forgot to get one of it after it’s been bisqued, but believe me when I say it doesn’t change all that much.  Here it is glazed, it turned out great, my little pomegranate!

There are too many to photograph individually, here are the rest.

I like talking about what I put on different ones, which probably either means they really excite me, or I haven’t done enough yet.  Probably both.

I’m struggling to do some art history papers though.  The stories behind them are interesting enough, but I am trying really hard not to view it as an obstacle between me and the studio, which it is, I suppose.


I’m doing drawings of all the barristas at a local coffee shop, and they are putting them up.  Here’s how it looks now.

I’m thinking each barrista can put theirs up as they start their shift and take it down when they leave.  It’s at the Tempe Cartel, if you’re curious.  Confession time, I only did this because I’m terrible with names and it was getting embarrassing.

I also got some more pots glazed.  A lot more than I could carry, which is two.  Here are those two:

No, that bowl is not made out of corduroy.

It looks like I know what I’m doing, huh?


On Monday I started a compound pot.  Those are two (or more) pieces of pots that are stuck together to make one big pot.  It’s often done when the pot you plan to make goes beyond the capabilities of the clay you’re using, but I did it because the pot I planned to make went beyond the capabilities of me.  And I kind of wanted to give it a go, so now I have a pot that’s about fourteen inches tall, woo!

You can see the seam about 60% of the way up the pot.  I’m pretty happy with the continuous curve now, let’s just wait and see after it’s fired though!

I also did some other stuff for no reason except that I had some scrap clay and throwing is a lot more fun than most things.

My ceramics teacher says I should do more glazing, and he probably knows what he is talking about, so I did some on Friday.

Yes, the green ones are all mine.  Again we’ll see how they look coming out of the kiln.

In Life Drawing on Thursday, I forgot to bring in my cool white paper for my gestures, and instead brought warm white paper.  Boy was my face red!  As you know, gestures look terrible on warm white paper, so I was about ready to scrap the whole deal.  I didn’t, and they didn’t turn out nearly as bad as I expected, in fact, I even wound up with a few beauts.

…And some non-beauts, but that always happens.

My long drawing however, was a different story.

It has it’s charms, I suppose.  But it was frustrating as hell, which probably gives me a negative bias towards the drawing.  Plus, the photo is terrible, sorry about that.