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I’m 18, I get confused everyday.

I’m not 18.  I haven’t been 18 for nearly a decade (unless you are reading this several months from now, in which case, I haven’t been 18 for exactly or more than a decade)  But you know, when I was 18, I had a stroke, so I’m kind of glad I’m not anymore.

However, I often feel that my shit got as together as it will ever get when I was 17.  Some things don’t always get better with age.

On the plus side of things, I got a new tooth!  I’ve been stuck with this guy for a while:


No, it isn’t a denture, it’s a flapper, and evidently it wasn’t as noticeable as I had thought.  Even people who had seen me with it out and only a gaping hole where my #7 tooth used to be didn’t notice.  I thank my mustache.