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What happens in Degas stays in Degas.

Seated Bather Drying Herself

I know, this girl needs some TLC, and she will get it at some point.  But, the semester is going to start right along real quick, and I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to finish her.  It is my copy of Seated Bather Drying Herself by Edgar Degas.  I think it isn’t looking too bad so far, but my inexperience with pastels needs to change into experience with pastels.



A teacher of mine (several teachers actually) was (were) fond of saying “There’s no such thing as cheating in art”, or something to that effect.  However, ABC Family Movies were fond of saying “Cheaters never prosper”.  As if things couldn’t get crazier, arcade games of the 90s would often say “Winners don’t use drugs”, which doesn’t (and didn’t) fool anyone.

So which of the sayings do I believe?  As usual, I’m on the fence.  If I had to choose, I’d go with the “Cheaters never prosper” one, even though that is pretty clearly not the case.  I think “There’s no such thing as cheating in art” is simply not true.  It’s just that cheating in art is a nearly victimless crime.  In true family movie fashion, the only victim is yourself.

I bring this up because I’m working on a reproduction by Edgar Degas, Seated Bather Drying Herself.  I could use a slew of technological abilities at my fingertips to closely reproduce the image, but I chose not to.  I didn’t graph it out, and resulted with some proportions that are not identical to the original.  The colors need more work, but they are not identical either.  I suppose that makes this more of my version of his piece.  Here it is, as yet unfinished:

Seated Bather Drying Herself