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Ask and ye shall receive.

Good news everyone!  You know what comes with good news though.

Bad news.  We only did five gestures on Monday instead of more than five like we usually do, and then we didn’t even do any on Wednesday!  Here are the ones I did do on Monday.

I went back to play with Walnut Ink, which I hoped to explore further, but that didn’t happen.

I have some pictures of my ceramic stuff, yay!

On one side is a cup I threw at the beginning of the semester.  On the other side is a cup I threw last week.  I forget which side is which.

Only three of these guys survived the trimming process.  I’m reminded of the scene from Tommy Boy (about 1:19 in), except instead of a sale, it’s an untrimmed pot, and instead of Chris Farley, it’s me.

And I made some teapots:

I got some stuff glazed too!

Oh right, the good news.  I mentioned last week that I’d like more time on my long poses now that I’m doing them in full 360 Degree (TM) Color*.  This pose we’re doing at the moment will be four classes long!  I’m taking my time trying to get it right.

First period (1/4):

Second period (1/2):

Happy Easter everyone!

*there may be such a thing as 360 Degree (TM) Color, but as far as I know, I just made it up just now and it doesn’t mean anything special.


Just in time for Easter!

Pastels!  Chalk pastels, that is.  Being an artist (or in art school anyway), I tend to forget the association most people have with pastels.  When Average Joe hears the word, he thinks of a color scheme rather than a medium.  He thinks of light purples and robin egg greens and sky blues and images as sweet as Marshmallow Peeps.  It’s sometimes easy to forget that pastel is not a color.  It is a medium, a catalyst.  Similar to the psychic who talks to your dead relatives for you.

Why do I bring this up?  Excellent question!  I bring it up because from here on out I would like to further explore color in my drawings.  I will accomplish this using a variety of mediums, including but not limited to, you guessed it, pastels!


This drawing marks the first in a series of river themed drawings I’m going to be doing for my drawing class.  I think it’s only a series of three, but that’s probably for the best since I can’t imagine doing too many of these as it is.  I am trying to get away from my representational style of drawing.  Not too bad, right?

In life drawing again, my gestures turned out well enough.  At some point over the weekend, my bottle of ink overturned and dried out a bit, so it was probably too thick to be drawing with on Monday, so it gave me a few problems.  All in all, the drawings came out… Well, they came out.

I added some water to the ink right after class on Monday so that I wouldn’t forget.  I know I do that a bunch, so I try to correct for it sometimes when I remember to.  I was in a rush on Wednesday, so I hastily grabbed a slightly different pen than the one I’m accustomed to, and I think I like the results.  See for yourself:

As you can see, this pen held more ink in the nib, and that allowed me to pay more attention to the model and less attention to whether I was actually making a mark or just scratching the paper, which I guess is kind of a mark, huh?  Also, this pen was a bit wider at the tip, which allowed for a more calligraphic line that I can as of now only control a little sometimes.  Oh well, I’ll have to work on that I guess.

My yearning to work in pastels has carried over to my long poses as well.  This being my first attempt, the result is raw but shows promise.  It was only a two day pose, and I intended to work on it more today, but I can only say that happened if today happens to be opposite day.



This piece is very raw, as it seems pastel can take some getting used to.  One of the main this piece is missing is a witty title.  Feel free to submit your thoughts, dear readers.