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I woke up today almost ready to get out of bed, which is pretty unheard of for me.  It was still pretty late in the morning, which I guess explains why I am not healthy wealthy and wise.  I don’t get to sleep early enough, I’m not denying that.  I texted my friend, who was joining me for a gym visit, so I was looking forward to a response from him.  As I was waiting, I mustered up some courage to try something.

You may remember I have been taking spirulina and chlorella.  The chlorella is all smooshed up into a tablet somehow, but the spirulina is straight powder in capsules.  Since I am taking a few at a time, I don’t like the mental image of several capsules just hanging out in my tummy.  So, I decided today to break the capsules, and pour their contents into a glass of water.  Then, I was free to swallow the empty capsules.  Or throw them away, that would make more sense.  I got a pretty green-blue liquid that would feel right at home among my sister’s blue-green decor.  However, I think Chris Elliot said it best when he said “But it don’t taste pretty.  Uh-uh.  Ooh.”


Isn’t that picture adorable though?  I have a darling kitchen.  How awesome would it be if I had this cup?

My friend texted back, telling me he was in California because of X reason that I don’t really understand, but his being in California doesn’t really depend on me understanding or not.

So that was a drag.  I took a bath instead.  It gave me a little thinking time.  Oh right, I was supposed to call the dentist on Monday!  I called them yesterday, which was pretty much Monday, but they had left already, so I needed to try again.  After I got out, I called them and placed an appointment for August 6th, the first business day after my birthday, and I’m getting me a crown!  How cool is that?  Well, I’m getting ANOTHER crown.  My teeth are pretty bad, probably due to me not really having any dental hygiene for a few years after my surgery.  Yeah, it’s definitely because of that.  I don’t know, the dentist gets a bad rap because they are always poking things for no reason, but they usually do have a reason, and you find out what it is real quick when there’s no dentist poking you.

I was so excited about getting an appointment, I decided to brave the bus and go to the gym anyway.  It is a pain, using the bus, but the bus sucks a whole lot less than walking.  Well, most times.  Sometimes walking sucks less than the bus, and when it does, I like to walk.  Before I went to the gym, I made some juice.  Beets, celery, a cucumber, and some ginger.  It was good as is, but I forgot that I have some jalapenos laying around withering, and I needed to not have that, so I juiced some jalapenos.  It was interesting tasting the juice before and after the addition, and perhaps I should do more of that comparing in the future.  It also looked pretty, but tasted quite a bit prettier than the other thing I made.

I am glad I went to the gym.  It gave me more time to think about things.  For instance, it reminded me to check the ONLINE fall schedule for SCC.  They don’t seem to have a ceramics class listed, which is a drag.  I’m interested in making my own glazes, which I only briefly began at ASU.  I would like to make my own ash glazes using the pulps from various fruits/vegetables I juice.  Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.  Not MCC though, because the bus doesn’t even go that far.

Also, if I hadn’t’ve gone to the gym, I wouldn’t have heard some remix of Wonderwall (This one maybe?  I don’t have sound right now)

When I got home, I realized I didn’t have any food, and I craved some Popeye’s, but I went to Sunflower instead.

Man, I’m getting bored even scrolling through this.  It wasn’t a busy day, I swear, I guess I’m just rambling a lot.  I like this chlorella spirulina, by the way.  It’s making my mind spin like Tom’s legs as he starts to chase Jerry.  I bet I’ll take off real good once I get some traction.


Spare parts

Tomorrow I’m going to the dentist to have my cap glued back in me noggin, so I figured I should take pictures now before it’s too late.  I think that explains my last post.

I tried something a bit new today.  I didn’t mean to, so much, but I was late getting to my Life Drawing class, so instead of tearing a sheet into 9 7 x 10 inch sheets like normal, I tore it into 4 slightly larger 11 x 15 inch sheets.  I drew on the fronts and backs, and still only got eight drawing surfaces out of them, but that’s ok because I was late and missed the first few gestures anyway.  The larger size should allow freer lines, but I didn’t take advantage of the increase and got small, jittery drawings anyway.  Observe:

The following drawing is after two periods.  It still doesn’t look very finished, and I suppose that’s because it isn’t.  I should take steps to finish it.  I like how the girl on the right looks a bit like Cheetara.  The whole drawing looks like a couple of people did it, which isn’t good.

Spare Parts

Tune in on Friday, where I may (or may not) have some preliminary ceramics work to show you!