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Productive day?

Kind of, yes.  I know I missed the prime time for anyone to read this, but I’ve been at school all day doing… important things!  First, here’s what I threw yesterday.

A pretty good throwing day, if I do say so myself, which I did.  Today, I had to trim them and stick handles on the cups (One is a bowl.  Can you guess which one?), which I did:

Not bad, considering I don’t like pulling handles.  I would even go so far as to say that those mugs don’t look like someone with terrible coordination.  Now, if you saw me in the act of pulling, it would be pretty apparent.

Next, I headed upstairs to work on some drawings.

Bone Petals

This little guy you’ve seen before, but you won’t see it again here unless I choose to put it up here again.  That’s right, it’s finished!  Now, there are two reasons I say that.  1) I’m done working on it.  2)  Ok, there was just one reason I guess.

This one I messed up and took a picture of it before I worked on it for a few hours.


Now it looks almost exactly the same.  This drawing was inspired by oxbow rivers and oxbow lakes.  I don’t think it’s a bad drawing, it’s actually pretty pretty.  Here’s hoping it stays that way.


We saw this already!

Well, not quite.  I just haven’t been doing much work.  You see, this is Spring Break, which means no class.  And that means I’m not doing class work.  I am doing something, I guess.  My mom came and helped me clean my place out.  Also, I threw some bowls:

The cracks in the widest bowl were very unintentional, but look neat enough to say I meant to do it.  The fuzzy appearance of the bowls is kind of a happy accident also.  I mean, it was for the first one, but I was sort of able to replicate it.

And I glazed some bowls:

(not pictured)

And I worked on this drawing:

Bone Petals

Which I think is almost done.

Also, I may or may not have worked on a present which may or may not be for someone who may or may not be reading this right now, so I may or may not be supposed to mention it.  Good thing I didn’t.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Roland Emmerich

I remembered to bring my camera to school today!  But, I forgot to take a picture of my drawing after I had worked on it.  I took one before class, and I was going to take one after class, but looks like I’m not doing the after image.  Anyway, the before picture looks ok, I guess.  I’m almost done with it, by which I mean it’s due the Monday after Spring Break, so I’m all done with it except for what happens to it between then and now.

Bone Petals

I’ve had some difficulty deciding whether this goes like that, or if it’s a vertical composition and the whole thing actually goes 90 degrees counter-clockwise.  At first I thought I liked that better, but it looks more monumental this way, which increases the chances that Roland Emmerich will digitally blow it up someday (yes, I just made that joke).  What do you think, dear readers?

In Life Drawing today I came late and missed most of the gestures.  That’s ok because they were four five minute ones instead of ten two minute ones.  I’m not so into five minutes.  The drawing continued thusly:

Mayonnaise Christ

One of the more interesting things to me that I’ve learned over my drawing development is that the shape of things is weird.  Things you see everyday have a shape to them that most people imagine knowing, and they don’t bother to look at what it actually is.  When things are foreshortened, their shapes really go bonkers, and most people – even most of the people who think they can – can’t really make it up.  It takes careful observation, then you’re free to exaggerate the crap out of it.  For instance, her right hand still looks a little small to me.  It might be the size it “actually” is, but if so, the size it “actually” is isn’t right.  Not to me, anyway.  A lot of drawings by old masters look very natural to the casual observer.  It’s only when the drawing is scrutinized that you realize how wonky they actually made it.

Jumping Jigawatts!

It worked.  I got four times the amount of my normal views when I linked Lady Gaga.  Of course, that was merely a one time only thing.   I would not want to be seen as a fellow who links to famous artists in a cheap attempt to increase my own viewing numbers like some sort of Lady Gaga remora.  A Gamora, if you will.

This week was an eventful one.  Yesterday, I went to hear visiting artist David Kassan talk about how awesome the iPad ArtRage is (he was using the program Brushes in the video), and he made a darn good argument.  Today, I went to a show of some of the faculty, and it was interesting to see/hear about their work and what they do when they aren’t telling me what to do.

I’m getting slightly better at throwing, and hope to be able to experiment with glazes soon.

I like the acorn one on the left, and the Duff bottle second from the right.

I also almost finished this drawing:

Onion Planet

I think I finished it anyway, maybe I didn’t.

Wow, so much going on, I hope I remembered it all.  Jumping Jigawatts!


When I first got this blog set up, I wrote a draft of an essay where I tried to differentiate drawing from painting.  I didn’t quite finish it, so I never published it.  I’m glad I didn’t, it’s a garbled piece of nonsense.  I would rather tell you that I know there’s a difference than try and tell you what the difference is.  I just don’t know how to word it yet.  That sounds like a good future goal.

I am very excited for next semester.  I have four studio classes, which means Jack will be a very un-dull boy.  I have two drawing related studios, a ceramics related studio (where I want to focus on drawing on clay), and an independent studio, which I think will give me ample opprotunity to polish my art history knowledge and work on presentation, not to mention applying for grants/scholarships.

I would like to further develop my portfolio, hopefully even making a fully presentable illustrated book.  Wow, that would be neat.  Here’s some images from today, because I know you guys are easily distracted.

Final drawings...

Final Paintings...

Final Paintings...

Letter to the Predator

Today was drawing day.  It’s not over yet, I have some things left to do!  But I figured this was a good time for a break, and a prime posting time for my demographic.  So heck, here’s what I did today so far:

Letter to the Predator

We’ll start things off with an assignment for Life Drawing.  We’re supposed to draw ourselves as an animal, which is a silly assignment, so I’m doing me as the Predator.  Take that!


Here’s a drawing I’m doing for my Drawing class, home assignment.  It is three drawings, which include this one, and two more which I will show momentarily, unless you are a slow reader.




Which isn’t anywhere near done yet, but I like how it looks like it was done by a crazy person.

Finally, my in class assignment for Drawing, this one:

Bones to fish

I don’t get it either, so don’t ask me.

Canned if you do, canned if you don’t.

When I was growing up, I used to think my mom painstakingly added all those ribs to the cranberry sauce.  Now I know she doesn’t, but I like to pretend she does.

Being the day before Thanksgiving, I think this post might be seen by deaf eyes, but it needs to be done.  I was sick this weekend, but I know I’m coming out of it now.  so, in an attempt to make up for my absence, here’s some of the things I’ve been doing for class.

Sleeping Sigourney

I think I’m done with this one.  The overall drawing is getting quite dark, which is a nice accomplishment for me.


I also think I’m done with this one.  Next I need a large den with a fireplace I can hang it over.  And a pair of high-back chairs overlooking it wouldn’t hurt either.


This is two drawings for my final project in Drawing III.  I’ve worked on it more since then, and here’s the bottom drawing by itself:

Bottom Drawing

There we have it!  I also have some gestures, but I don’t have those pictures uploaded, so perhaps another time.  Until then, have a happy Thanksgiving!