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Not dead, just graduated.

I don’t know when my last post on here was, but I’m pretty sure it was a while ago.  Sorry about that.  I was busy with non-art-making things.  Unfortunately, my not having access to a ceramic studio will mean I won’t be making any of that for a while.  The absence of a painting studio will mean I will be working with acrylic for a while.  And, I suppose I don’t need a studio to draw, so I’ll be doing that pretty soon too.

Near the start of the semester, I was in a video for Cartel coffee, and I believe I already shared that with you.  There is also a collection of outtakes and THIS little surprise.

I also had my head shaved on the fourth.  It was getting a bit long:

So, it had to go.  I had several requests to keep my beard, and I did, and now I look like Shel Silverstein.

My hair grows at an ok speed, so I will try to take a picture of it every Sunday.  Here’s how I looked on the 11th:

And before you ask, yes, I did design my beard to resemble a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Mostly because Star Trek is so much more awesome than Star Wars, it’s ridiculous.

Also, a great idea was brought to my attention.  Make a meme of my beard on things.  Two great ideas are female celebrities (ala Rebecca Romijn in Dirty Work) and cats (ala cats with beards).  Anyone else with more tech savvy who also thinks this is a good idea is welcome to help.


Extravaganza of sorts!

First, I would like to direct your attention to Cartel’s new website.  Showing predominantly on the front page is a video, filmed by a friend of mine, and of which I am a part.  I play a small roll in the video, and as all great motion pictures go, the final shot is the best, so stick around.

Second, there was the great ASU Ceramic Sale yesterday AND Tuesday, and that went very well.  Many thanks to the rest of the fellows who lent a hand to make it all happen, with much less emphasis on those several artists who make my stuff look terrible in comparison.  I will find out how much I made tonight, but I am confident I made at least seven dollars, which were promptly spent at Starbucks.

Woah wait, it’s Thursday?  Holy Mole!  I haven’t been making too much new art these days, lousy Art History.  I believe I forgot to post how my last painting turned out.  If not, here it is again:

I like how that one turned out a lot, but there are a few too many colors.  Here is the one I’m doing now:

I like how this one is turning out, it’s surprisingly haunting for an all yellow painting.  It is only 1/3 done (according to class time), so I have a while to develop it, but hopefully keep the emotion.

I’m trying to come up with a title.  Current ideas are:

  • A Portrait of Cheyenne Gray
  • A Portrait of Dorian Cheyenne
  • A Portrait of Doryenne Chey

Can you guys think of any?


Drawing again.

I am really surprisingly satisfied with how my drawing came out.

Or is coming out, if I ever continue with it, which I think I just might, since I’m not happy at all with the far right side.  Nothing is happening!  Crop that, dude.

I showed it to the model and talked about why I left the negative space under her left knee blank.  So, now she knows a little more and maybe I do too.  I think this one shows more than the ones I have up at Cartel right now, but that might be my proximity to this drawing.

Oh yeah, I did some gestures too, they came out alright.

Those came out fun.  Some of them, anyway.  I have found myself running out of room on several occasions, so on Tuesday I decided to switch to some larger sheets of paper for my gestures.  However, I don’t have time to fix the paper, so I hold it to the board as I draw.  When I switched to a larger paper size, I was unable to hold the paper still.  So, I went back to the smaller size.  For now…


Cartel is having a Final Friday event this Friday.  There will be free coffee, food, and beer while supplies last, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.  I will have some drawings up, and I can say without question that this is the best Cartel has ever looked?

Guerrilla (PT 1)

In my Art Marketing class, I received an assignment to Market myself in a Guerrilla-like fashion.  I made cookies, decorated to look like my logo.

In progress:

Still Life With Unfinished Cookies and a Kettle

Sample of finished cookies:

These look good enough to eat.

Then I went to my friendly local coffee shop Cartel to hand them out.  Now, I couldn’t just GIVE these away, they were far to beautiful and also tasty.  I mean, I made them, but I could have sworn they were made my a unicorn.  So, I had a small catch.  Each person would have to pose with their cookie.  I think the results show just how excited they were.  Observe!

Each lucky recipient also received a business card of mine, free of charge.  In it was the information to unlock the mystery of where my blog can be found online.  If you didn’t get a cookie, I will be at Casey Moore’s tonight around nine I’d imagine.  Look for me, I’ll be the one wearing a shirt that looks like me.