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Drawings from Life (drawing)

Yesterday marked the beginning of another two perioder.  I am trying to find new ways of approaching a drawing that lasts so freaking long, but I was far from motivated yesterday.  That’s a me problem, I suppose.  Also, I forgot my usual Walnut Ink, and used instead some NeoColor II pastels by Cran D’Ache.  It’s always good to try new materials, and I liked these ok, they gave a bold line that I like, and when used dry, they have a consistency of crayons.  The width of the line was hard to change, so I think that’s a con on their side.  I’m not that great at changing the line width as it is though, so again, sounds like a me problem.


Touch Them Toes

Race Runner



Frog Leaper

You're Going To Get What You Deserve

You're So Slain

Big... Uh... Hands

Big... Uh... Hands