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In Life Drawing yesterday I was less excited to draw then I remember being in any other Life Drawing class I’ve had.  Of course, my memory is terrible, but the fact remains, I didn’t really want to draw.

I don’t know if I was feeling under the weather or what, but I didn’t feel ILL, just *raspberry*.  I did anyway, and got some ok results I suppose.

I got some ok lines out of it, less is more or what-not, but there sure isn’t much there.

Some of them are funny, I suppose.

Painting today was fun.  I didn’t have a big panel to work on, or even a panel at all 😦  I don’t like to use canvas, and the one I had was about eight inches square.  So, I did one today and plan to do a new one on Monday, since this one is done like dinner.

I couldn’t get a good picture of it, it’s actually a bit less blurry.


Another day older.

And a painting is “done”!  You probably know why I’m “done” and not done.  I used the quotes because there is more I’d like to do to it (of course), but I know myself, and I seriously doubt I will be doing any more work on it.  Ta daaa!

In ceramics, I finally did some glazing!  It’s about time, right?  Well, I got off to a late start I suppose, but I have a good feeling about making some pretty neat stuff this semester.  Here’s some good ones I got so far…

This one’s kind of boring, but it has an ok shape.

These are nice, I’d like to come up with some designs for them so they have more structure in their random splashes.  Maybe they can be cream holders, because they’re small and they remind me of moo cows.  They kind of look carmely too, huh?

This one turned out… interesting.  I like it, but I know it’s not pretty.

Now this little lady, she’s a real beaut.

This one is my favorite.  I actually threw it and bisqued it last semester.  I glazed it and fired it and am impressed with the results.  It reminds me of a snake belly.

Man, I smell.

I don’t mean that as some kind of self-deprecating comment.  I mean I actually stink right now.  It’s gotten hot again, and I’ve been drenched in sweat for… a while now.  At least I smell like an artist.

On Tuesday I promised to post two pictures of my painting Wednesday.  I did not.  Sorry about that.  Here they are today instead:



It’s getting a bit less cartoony, a bit more solid.  Needs more depth though.  Fun stuff.

Oh, and what’s this?  Drawings?  Woo!

I was very tired today, and even though I know I’m not supposed to, I mean, I drank coffee before class as an experiment!  Yes, I purposefully did that on purpose.  Man, did those two minutes last a long time.

Finally, I slowed down a bit, and perhaps a bit too much, but also perhaps not enough.  And thirdly, I slowed down just right.  I could have used an extra day for this one though:

Those feet aren’t standing yet.


Every semester feels like it’s doing me physical harm.  I would say this one is doing more than the last ones, but I’m sure I forgot how hard the other semesters were also.  It’s probably like I forget how hot it gets every summer, or how I forgot how much exactly I don’t like breaking my arm.

Any who, I got a request to show the ceramics I’ve been doing lately.  All of these are greenware, which means raw, which throws me off because bisque ware turns green after it gets wet and dries, I think because stuff is growing in it.  So these are raw, raw bowls.  I should work more on glazing, but glazing isn’t fun for me yet, so uh, I haven’t been.

In my defense, I have been swirling colored slip on them, which is basically just watery clay.  That’s way fun, so I’ve been doing that.

And I did a plate.  Plates are kinda boring, but fun I guess?


In figure painting, I don’t believe I even showed you the second one I finished, I think I decided on naming it Miranda At The Beach.  BEHOLD!

I found out that by keeping the shapes wonky, I it gives the painting a sense of depth while at the same time mooshes everything up against the picture plane.  It’s exploring the idea that things move.  I have this idea that things move.

I started a new one, because the models changed out.  It’s ok, I forgot to take a picture of it today, but that’s alright because I took TWO pictures of it on Wednesday, so I’m ahead of the game!

This was about halfway through class, I had finished the outline of it.  I know he is going to move around (at least, I have an idea that he might), so I get the outline in quick so it doesn’t really matter if he moves.  Instead, I can try to focus on whether or not the shapes fit in the canvas.  Here it is after class was over:

Fun times.  Perhaps I’ll remember my camera on Wednesday.  That way, I can have two MORE pictures for you, you lucky dogs!


My painting is coming along, as seen here:


It is apparently 75% done, since I only have 1/4th left, but it doesn’t seem 75%.  I don’t really know how to paint.  I’m picking up the basics pretty well, but how paint works still eludes me, as does setting up an organized palette.  I just figure I’ll use as few paint colors as possible so that things don’t fall to pieces on me.  True, I think I’m alright at making and assembling shapes (thanks, Tetris!), but how paint works is mystifying.  I think that’s a good thing, because you’re supposed to know how little you know, right?

I thought life drawing would be a bust.  We skipped gestures, which is always a bad sign.  Plus, the model stand was against a wall instead of in the center of the room, effectively removing about half of the drawing space and cramming the students together.  I arrived a bit late and thought there would be no room for me at the inn.  Thankfully, my teacher let me draw on a platform in the back of the room, so I got a nice elevated viewing angle, as seen here:


Then the teacher made me leave because my drawing was too awesome.  That part isn’t true.  I’m very excited for when we do multiple day poses so I’ll have more time to polish the hands, head and feet, and develop more contrast to make things all moody and whatnot.  Although, then I’ll have to be extra aware of not killing the drawing.  A lot of the life of the drawing (it’s called life drawing for a reason)  is in the accidents.  It’s them, those mutations, that allow evolution to happen.  Haven’t you ever seen X2?


Cowboy in the foreground, goats in the back.



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