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I woke up today almost ready to get out of bed, which is pretty unheard of for me.  It was still pretty late in the morning, which I guess explains why I am not healthy wealthy and wise.  I don’t get to sleep early enough, I’m not denying that.  I texted my friend, who was joining me for a gym visit, so I was looking forward to a response from him.  As I was waiting, I mustered up some courage to try something.

You may remember I have been taking spirulina and chlorella.  The chlorella is all smooshed up into a tablet somehow, but the spirulina is straight powder in capsules.  Since I am taking a few at a time, I don’t like the mental image of several capsules just hanging out in my tummy.  So, I decided today to break the capsules, and pour their contents into a glass of water.  Then, I was free to swallow the empty capsules.  Or throw them away, that would make more sense.  I got a pretty green-blue liquid that would feel right at home among my sister’s blue-green decor.  However, I think Chris Elliot said it best when he said “But it don’t taste pretty.  Uh-uh.  Ooh.”


Isn’t that picture adorable though?  I have a darling kitchen.  How awesome would it be if I had this cup?

My friend texted back, telling me he was in California because of X reason that I don’t really understand, but his being in California doesn’t really depend on me understanding or not.

So that was a drag.  I took a bath instead.  It gave me a little thinking time.  Oh right, I was supposed to call the dentist on Monday!  I called them yesterday, which was pretty much Monday, but they had left already, so I needed to try again.  After I got out, I called them and placed an appointment for August 6th, the first business day after my birthday, and I’m getting me a crown!  How cool is that?  Well, I’m getting ANOTHER crown.  My teeth are pretty bad, probably due to me not really having any dental hygiene for a few years after my surgery.  Yeah, it’s definitely because of that.  I don’t know, the dentist gets a bad rap because they are always poking things for no reason, but they usually do have a reason, and you find out what it is real quick when there’s no dentist poking you.

I was so excited about getting an appointment, I decided to brave the bus and go to the gym anyway.  It is a pain, using the bus, but the bus sucks a whole lot less than walking.  Well, most times.  Sometimes walking sucks less than the bus, and when it does, I like to walk.  Before I went to the gym, I made some juice.  Beets, celery, a cucumber, and some ginger.  It was good as is, but I forgot that I have some jalapenos laying around withering, and I needed to not have that, so I juiced some jalapenos.  It was interesting tasting the juice before and after the addition, and perhaps I should do more of that comparing in the future.  It also looked pretty, but tasted quite a bit prettier than the other thing I made.

I am glad I went to the gym.  It gave me more time to think about things.  For instance, it reminded me to check the ONLINE fall schedule for SCC.  They don’t seem to have a ceramics class listed, which is a drag.  I’m interested in making my own glazes, which I only briefly began at ASU.  I would like to make my own ash glazes using the pulps from various fruits/vegetables I juice.  Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.  Not MCC though, because the bus doesn’t even go that far.

Also, if I hadn’t’ve gone to the gym, I wouldn’t have heard some remix of Wonderwall (This one maybe?  I don’t have sound right now)

When I got home, I realized I didn’t have any food, and I craved some Popeye’s, but I went to Sunflower instead.

Man, I’m getting bored even scrolling through this.  It wasn’t a busy day, I swear, I guess I’m just rambling a lot.  I like this chlorella spirulina, by the way.  It’s making my mind spin like Tom’s legs as he starts to chase Jerry.  I bet I’ll take off real good once I get some traction.


Cinco de Mayo

Change of plans.  I know, I usually update on a Friday, or on a Wednesday, or on a Monday, but I don’t know what will happen to me tomorrow, Seis de Mayo.  My sister and I will go see Thor, which I am excited about.  I don’t care too much if it’s a good movie or a bad movie because it will be a fun movie, which may mean it’s a good movie.  If that is true, Cabin Boy is a good movie.  Starship Troopers is a good movie.  Ghost Rider is a great movie.  Yeah, it must be true.

Anyway, I don’t know how long I’ll be away from a computer tomorrow, and I have a bunch of things to show you, so this may take a while.  That’s why I’m doing it today.  I used my sister’s camera for these, which looked really nice when I took them, but they are only about 20% the size of my other pictures.  Just keep in mind that these aren’t actually grainy, for the most part.

First is my drawing class.  You’ll possibly recall the Oxbow River drawing I posted previously.  You know what, I’ll just post it again to refresh your memory.

Oxbow 1

That was first in a series, and the series was my final project.

Oxbow 2

This one was a bit bigger, and more blue.  I should have made a support for it, but luckily it was on somewhat heavy paper.

Oxbow 3

This one is more about the water in the river, as opposed to the river itself.  Ironically, as the area of these drawings increased dramatically (the last drawing is nearly twice the size of the first), the length decreased.  The first one is 90 inches long, the second one is 88 inches long, and the second one is 78 inches long.  I mean, I’m only 72 inches long, so that’s still pretty big.  It turns out I like rectangles that are almost squares.  Squares are kinda boring though.  If only there was some mathematically sound ratio that says how long each side should be.  That would be golden.

All right, on to life drawing.  I spent four class periods on this, so it should be really good, right?  Yeah!

Mojo Mix

Before, the additional piece of paper was behind the ‘main’ drawing, but the cut off point was at such an awkward place on the face, so I put it in front.  It didn’t hurt that I liked that face a lot more than the first one I drew.  I am liking the potential these pastel drawings have, I suppose I’ll have to do more next semester.  It is called Mojo Mix because the model was eating Mojo Mix during the breaks.  She likes Mojo Mix very much and suggested it be called Mojo Mix because of how delicious Mojo Mix is.  She warned against confusing it with Magic Mojo Mix (cocktail), which can only be made in some sort of spittoon.

Finally, we come to ceramics.  My aunt and uncle are trying to set up a studio space in their new house, and that would be totally awesome, especially now that I don’t loathe the things I’m making.  It would be a bummer to have to start from scratch in August.

This little guy is pretty nice, but the liner inside didn’t stick for some reason, so there are tiny shards of glass all over the place.  I was going to use it to store juice powder, but I probably won’t now on account of all the glass all over the place.

This little fellow turned out great, aside from the small crack in the lid and the fact that the lid and the body fused together.  I’m sure the liner looks perfect though.

I don’t know what this guy is, except heavy.  So I guess it turned out better than expected.  Maybe it’s a flower vase.  When in doubt, stick a flower in it.

We needed to make pitchers a long time ago, so I made them now.  They look like they’ll be alright, I’m crossing my fingers.

I’m getting better at throwing large, and I hope to explore drawing on pots.  That would combine drawing and pots.

I’ve started with sgraffito, which gives me some nice designs, and I’d like to take it further.

Sometimes pots blow up in the kiln, which I would prefer to not happen.

Maybe I shouldn’t have ended on the blown up one.