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I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday.  I made a yummy juice, took pictures of the juice, and then forgot to pack my computer charger when I went to my parents’ house.

Anyway, today is a great day!  I am proud of how far I have gone over the last several years.  I am thankful for the wonderful support system of family and friends I have.

Let’s have a few more, shall we?


Throwing again!

It feels good to be back throwing after these past lazy summer months.  I haven’t had a chance to draw or paint yet, but I’m assuming I’m pretty rusty.  However, I was pleased to see that my hands still sort of know how to throw.  In theory, I should be back to throwing at full proficiency soon, and then perhaps even more!

Here’s what I did this weekend:

Also, I got a new camera for my birthday!  My old one was 5 mega-pixels, and this one is 14.  That’s a lot of extra pixels.  Pro – I can blow my pictures up and stick them on buildings.  Con – they are way too big to put on the internet, so I’ll have to figure a way to circumvent that.  Probably not much figuring involved, I bet Photoshop knows just the thing for me.