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My belle

*DISCLAIMER* She isn’t really my belle.  She is a belle, and she is able, but she is not MY belle.

This is my first acrylic painting I have done in a while.  I don’t know that I like acrylic, but seeing as how I sleep in the same place I paint, I would rather not breathe in turpentine all day and all night.  I should probably include the source material, huh?

Interesting.  The project seems to have some potential, perhaps I will include more colors in the next one.  For this one I chose orange and blue for a few reasons.  Orange and blue are compliments, my favorite compliments, because orange and blue are me.  Rather, I am orange and blue.



So, since I’ve graduated, I sort of ran out of steam.  Sure, maybe I’m taking a break, since I did have to work pretty hard in November and some of December, but I’m still feeling lazy.  I guess I only sort of learned how to do work I want to do, as opposed to doing work to complete some assignment.  At any rate, I’ve given this a lot of thought.  I watched every “How I Met Your Mother” episode and most of the “My Name Is Earl” episodes on Netflix. I’d rather not calculate how long that takes.  I still don’t know what needs quotes around it and what needs to be underlined, except I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter.

Oh right, my idea.  I present to you the C4 Project.  C4 (or Complimentary* Cartel Customer Caricatures) stands for Complimentary* Cartel Customer Caricatures.  The asterisk serves two functions.  One, it’s an attention grabber, since I personally see unexplained astericees as a red flag that I ask to have explained to me.  It’s a red ice breaker.  It gives me a chance to explain myself to the customer.  Also, it is included because the drawings are not Complimentary, not entirely.  They are free of monetary charge, but we all know there are expenses other than money.

Basically, the grift is you (the royal you, not necessarily you you) pose for a drawing.  You are allowed to take any pose you choose, so if you need to study, your pose can be you studying.  You would probably be holding that pose for a while anyway.  When the drawing is completed, I will photograph the drawing.  I have a book where I’ll ask you to record your name and e-mail address.  Then the drawing is yours to keep, and you can go on your merry way (or continue doing what you were doing, which I suppose is your merry way, isn’t it?).  From there, I will attempt to make a painting based off of the drawing.  If the painting is any good, I will contact you so that you can see the painting.  What comes next is decided between the two of us.  Exciting, isn’t it?

I have started with one already.  The drawing is pretty nice:

And the painting isn’t done, but here it is so far:

Since I am working at home now, I’ll be using acrylic for a while.  I don’t really know how acrylic works, so I think this project will be a good opportunity to learn.

Also, as I was writing this post, a hummingbird flew into my apartment and immediately tried to exit through some glass.  It didn’t work.

It freaked out him (or maybe her, she didn’t look too brightly colored), it freaked out me, and it freaked out my cat buddy that was hanging out with me.