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Oh, rats.

Last night I went to the 7th Annual A3F’s Almost Famous Film Festival 48 Hour Challenge.  There were 74 teams that entered the competition, twenty of which were shown on the big screen.  I was in one of those films.  It was pretty thrilling seeing myself on the big screen.  It’s something that doesn’t happen often enough… yet…  DUN DUN DUN…

Unfortunately, we didn’t win any prizes.  They had twenty of them, and one team had to win twice to make sure that we didn’t get anything.  Our movie was too complex, so we figured we wouldn’t win anything going in.  Being shown was the important thing anyway.  The length constriction forced us to cram a timeless story about dogs and something or other into five minutes.  The end result wasn’t pretty.  I mean, it still was, just not as pretty.  It didn’t pack the comedic wallop it would have packed if it were longer, which is exactly what it will be now that the challenge is over.  Today I went back to the rat farm for some additional footage, along with some gym shots that will be powerful and/or hilarious.  Now I smell like rodents, and I hope it comes off soon.

Also, so that I have a picture in here, here’s some clay stuff I did yesterday:

I’m supposed to be adding handles to them, but handles are stupid and scary, ok?  And that big one is really big for me and I don’t want to go complicating things.  I also don’t like trimming, so I try and throw it so that it doesn’t need trimming.  I also don’t like glazing.  I like breaking them though.


Almost Famous

I don’t have all that much to say today. Almost nothing, because I forgot to bring my camera to school today. If you’re too terribly surprised, you’ve probably never met me.  We had a critique in life drawing that took up over half the class period, and we only drew for an hour.  I tried drawing in graphite, which I haven’t done in a while for good reason.  I don’t much like graphite.  Much at all.  It doesn’t get very dark, and it is much to shiny for my taste.  Here, see?

That’s with the contrast UP.

Oh, remember that video my friend shot that I was in?  Yeah, it’s in the 7th Annual A3F’s Almost Famous Film Festival at the Arizona Center tomorrow evening.  You should go.