The great wood fire of ’13

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013, I helped unload another kiln.  I was more able to help ‘feed’ it during the firing, which was a good sign I think.  Kilns are awesome.  They are scary too, since they are basically alive.  There is of course things you can do to control how they operate, but in the end, they do what they want (like a Charizard leveled up too high), and you have to be pretty cool with that.

A view of the four holes in front (dampers, I think).

Here is a close up of one of the dampers.

This is a different kiln, but it’s pretty cool.  That green fluff is fire, it looks like some Wizard of Oz nonsense.  It isn’t actually nonsense, it’s all chemicals and magic, but some of it (most of it probably) is out of my reach.

I hadn’t thought of this before, but the flame that shoots out of the chimney like that is the same flame from the logs we put in the mouth some fifteen or twenty feet away, that’s pretty neat.  Or, I think it is anyway.

Here’s some more smoky and shaky and blurry because cameras are way shoddier than eyeballs.

Here’s the side of the kiln, all ready for unbricking.

The unbricking begins!  Anticipation!

We see some pieces!  No major damage inside, so far so good.

Our teacher Jonathan Cross edjumicating us about the bag wall and some such.  I understand more now than I did when I started, but I still mostly just smile and nod.

Here’s what I put in:
Give or take a few that didn’t fit into the kiln.  But hey, better too much work than not enough.  Also, if the kiln gets too full, the flames can’t adequately run through the inside, so it’s better to have plenty of open spaces inside.  It’s pretty much awesome feng shui.

And here’s what I got:

a102_1198  a102_1229 a102_1228 a102_1227 a102_1226 a102_1225 a102_1224 a102_1223 a102_1222 a102_1221 a102_1220 a102_1219 a102_1218 a102_1217 a102_1216 a102_1215 a102_1214 a102_1213 a102_1212 a102_1211 a102_1210 a102_1209 a102_1208 a102_1206 a102_1205  a102_1203 a102_1201 a102_1200

And here’s a lovely bunch of coconuts:


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