My belle

*DISCLAIMER* She isn’t really my belle.  She is a belle, and she is able, but she is not MY belle.

This is my first acrylic painting I have done in a while.  I don’t know that I like acrylic, but seeing as how I sleep in the same place I paint, I would rather not breathe in turpentine all day and all night.  I should probably include the source material, huh?

Interesting.  The project seems to have some potential, perhaps I will include more colors in the next one.  For this one I chose orange and blue for a few reasons.  Orange and blue are compliments, my favorite compliments, because orange and blue are me.  Rather, I am orange and blue.


One response to “My belle

  1. Interesting image, would like to see a larger version, good colors. I too sleep in my studio, but to get away from the turpentine I’ve switched to using a palette knife for my oils. Just wipe clean.

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