Extravaganza of sorts!

First, I would like to direct your attention to Cartel’s new website.  Showing predominantly on the front page is a video, filmed by a friend of mine, and of which I am a part.  I play a small roll in the video, and as all great motion pictures go, the final shot is the best, so stick around.

Second, there was the great ASU Ceramic Sale yesterday AND Tuesday, and that went very well.  Many thanks to the rest of the fellows who lent a hand to make it all happen, with much less emphasis on those several artists who make my stuff look terrible in comparison.  I will find out how much I made tonight, but I am confident I made at least seven dollars, which were promptly spent at Starbucks.

Woah wait, it’s Thursday?  Holy Mole!  I haven’t been making too much new art these days, lousy Art History.  I believe I forgot to post how my last painting turned out.  If not, here it is again:

I like how that one turned out a lot, but there are a few too many colors.  Here is the one I’m doing now:

I like how this one is turning out, it’s surprisingly haunting for an all yellow painting.  It is only 1/3 done (according to class time), so I have a while to develop it, but hopefully keep the emotion.

I’m trying to come up with a title.  Current ideas are:

  • A Portrait of Cheyenne Gray
  • A Portrait of Dorian Cheyenne
  • A Portrait of Doryenne Chey

Can you guys think of any?



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